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Thursday, May 4, 2017


Hi everyone! I'm finally back and just to blog about my birthday. Yeaa, I'm turning 21 now since the day 2nd of May, just a few days ago yeaaaaah. Getting older already loll and I'm legally an adult dy :p My birthday was amazing cuz I've best besties who plan to give me a great birthday celebration in advanced. I'm glad that my friends still so love me. Love you guyss mannn! The first year couldn't celebrate together with Caryn, my bff. I rmb we celebrated tgt every year since secondary school for 9 years ady. We're like sisters from the other mother. Really hope that next year we could make it tgt. 

Appreciate those who come for my birthday bash, aiwei, xtze, keat, bawang, ahbi and left out two ppl (caryn and jsen) who couldn't make it on that day, but I still love u guys don't worry. Also really thanks my colleagues, chaijiun and xinying for the lovely present, love you guys, prepared the gift during the study week before exam period.

May our friendships last until there have never an ending.

My first super pretty cake in 21st. Thanks, besties! So much love!
Cuz they know I love daisy much 

Cake from: Flour On Me patisserie.
Intagram: fompatisserie2016
(They are based in Penang.)

Here comes the birthday eve, my family brings me to celebrate my 21st birthday nearby a cafe. They ask me to choose my own birthday cake and then here is my cake, so girlish looks with flowers on top, cuz I love flowers ahhaha! It is a vanilla hazelnut cake actually. Thanks all of them btw we forget to take a family portrait and realised after we reached home lolll. 

One and the only pictures took by my mum with my bro. He loves me, ok thanks bye.

The day of 2nd of May. I thought I will just stay at home watching my drama whole day but my besties, aiwei and ahbi jio me come out for dinner. As only both of them in the town now, so I left two friends in sp. hahaha.

Here is my third cake for birthday. Thanks ahbi for the treat!

Last year, 2016. #TB
All of us were together.

 Thanks for reading. 
and sorry if there were many grammar mistakes. 
Hope I will blog again soon!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Snapfie vs Bonding days ♥

 One week from my previous post,hohoh I've improve my laziness to update. Hmmm, actually I'm thinking to blog about my year 1 college life but when I'm looking those pic in my album , like so damn many and I don't know what should I write loll. So, here I flash back the last trip we've been together on 20 December 2014. Ohyeaa eight of us reunited again . We planed to wear the T-shirt together ,but I couldn't found it that time ,and so sad i wore different with them. I thanks god I found it now! Like happier than tiok 4D LOL hahahhaha! Okayy gonna wear it and I won't lost it again. xx Neverrrr xx

Here we come Penang again hahaha, the fastest place that we can planed a trip. Previous year was Langkawi and all of us time not match so here is the easier place for us to stick together for 2 days 1 night.

 Hi hehe guess where am I?
Yeaa ,The title mentioned hahhaha!

 Oppss, sorry we have messed up their stuff because we only have 1 hr to snap our self in the room.

 I so love this outfit hahaha. Is it  bear or cola bear i have no idea just wear it and snap!

 Besties forever


 When I walk in the room I was so shock ,their room is so nice! Especially their curtain hahhaha.

 Chilling in the midnight here with them.

 Hello candy lollipop cupcakes

 #BestieForever #BFFuntildie

 We invariably wore the matching outfits

 Hahaha ignore my annoyed face lol.

Spade burger The best burger in Penang I think ♥♥
I tried Oh my pork, Baconizer , Jack's chick before.This is the baconizer and It's vry vry full for me,so I need to share half with my friend. Then the Jack's chick is ''tut tut ho'' (in hokien) Hmm so i prefer chicken i think. 
Next time should order their new menu: mushroom one hohoho.

 Okayy here comes our snapfie

       Hahahaha I know we are so ridiculous wearing 
                                                                                               those spec.

Changed to animal wear hahhaha.

                                                                              I duno why this shoot I looks  so funny and strange LOL.
                                           Can't stop laughing at this lolololl                                                                      
I didn't mean to wear this gege 's outfit lol, but then saw it so snap some back before back hahhaha. Many ppl laugh me because of wearing this lolll.

Next day morning actually we have decided to go for a bicycle ride .But then ,the sky getting cloudy and rain ,so here we changed our plan. Wake up so early in the morning then the sky rain and we still need to eat our breakie under the tree with a little rain
YEA, this is their popular kopi peng special and the toast eggs yummyysss!

While waiting for the breakfast to be served.Let's take a selfie first hehe.

 When the clown ask me what I want, and I said a flower hahaa, so this is what he did for me ♥ 
Purposely request to put white for the petals and yellow in the middle. Then it become a daisy

Keat finally pop out on the right hand photo!                                                                   

 I thought that thing can open then ...ok put back lol.

 Hi keat what are you doing hahahah .

 Like finally done this post for more than 2 hrs.
Need to sleep now.
Bye bye

have a nice days ! ;)